Family of Secrets

They view the child as a heavenly gift. 

Given to them from on high.

She is theirs.  To be part of their family forever.


The mother is an outsider–not one of them.

She will be allowed into their family, but only if she releases her child to them.  It is their child.

She refuses.


The family secretly plots to obtain/steal what is theirs–the divine child.

They are successful.  They abduct the child and take her to their country.  She is now one of them.

They do not hide her–this stolen baby, instead they parade her for all to see.

The family knows that the best place to hide a secret is in plain sight.


While this may appear to be a fairytale, it is not.  Child abduction is so commonplace that this month Governor Christ signed into law the Florida Child Abduction Prevention Act (CAPA).  The law is designed to prevent parents from abducting their own children.

Whether it will be effective remains to be seen.

Can you legislate parental/family behavior?

Can you legislate human passions and emotions?

Can you legislate family secrets?


As for the heavenly child….

Perhaps she has too early on had to deal with the ghosts lurking in all family secrets.




Dr. Brody

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