He Said She Said

He says she is crazy.

He says he didn’t do it.

He says he never hit her.

He says he didn’t hurt the child.


I have already interviewed the child, the mother and reviewed the Court documents.

Someone is lying.

Maybe everyone is lying.


I recall seeing a woman who claimed to have been the victim of ritual abuse.

At the time, I was running a group for persons who claimed to have experienced ritual abuse.

I was “believing” her story until she began talking about being in the basement of the Vatican where she was assisting in building nuclear weapons to use against Israel.


Another member of the ritual abuse group claimed to have been a member of a satanic cult.

But when she spoke, I had a different feeling than when the other members talked.  Something was different about her, but I never could say what it was.

She agreed to undergo a series of sodium amytal treatments.

We videotaped the treatments.

It came out that she had been abused by a family member.  She had never been in a satanic cult.

I reviewed the videotapes with her.

She still believes that she was in a satanic cult.







Reasonable Doubt.



How do you prove the “truth” ?




Dr. Brody

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